Recorded Adult Forums

Recorded Adult Forums

recordings of our Christian formation offerings for adults

June 9

Wednesday June 9 Budget Task Force Presentation

March 14

Sunday Forum March 14- Union of Black Episcopalians

March 7

Sunday Forum March 7- Theology Liberation

February 14

Sunday Forum February 14- East/West Schism

January 31

Sunday Forum January 31 – Annual Meeting

January 24

Sunday Forum January 24 – Mthr. Melissa on Mark

January 17

Sunday Forum January 17 – Mthr. Melissa on the 4 Gospels

January 10

Sunday Forum January 10 – Fr. Adam on Epiphany

January 3

Sunday Forum January 3 – David Smith speaks about the history of the 12th Night Festival

December 13

Sunday Forum December 13 Mother Melissa speaks on building resilience through engaging tough stories in Scripture

December 6

Sunday Forum December 6 Parishioner Psychologist Christine Guardino speaks on Resilience

November 29

Sunday Forum November 29 Parishioner and Licensed Social Worker Rebecca Anderson speaks on Christian Faith and Trauma

November 22 - Advent Wreaths Mthr. Melissa & Theresa Rice

Sunday Forum November 22 Advent Wreaths Mthr. Melissa & Theresa Rice

25 October Forum on Stewardship Becky Hammell

Sunday Forum on Stewardship 25 October 2020