stewarding our resources faithfully

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Annual giving

The parishioners of St. John’s comprise a community of faith that exists to share Christ’s love through Holy Communion and through the circles of relationship that define our parish. Our role also includes spreading the good news of Christ to others through our words and deeds.

Over our more than 250-year history, we have sustained our church and our mission through the gifts of time, talent, and financial resources of our members. This shared stewardship has resulted in a rich history, a beautiful church building, and a parish that reaches out to those in need in Carlisle and beyond.

For us to grow as a congregation, maintain our historic church, and expand our programs both within and outside our parish, we ask every member of our parish to share as they are able part of their resources.

The largest portion of the income side of our annual budget is pledge income, annual giving by our parishioners. We put our faith in God and our parishioners that we will find the means for both the capital investment and the ongoing support costs associated with all the initiatives of our church.

Health, Vitality, and Growth is our intentional response to the Great Commission (Jesus’s command in Matthew 28:16-20 to go forth, make disciples, baptize, and teach) and our vision for growth at St. John’s.

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Planned giving

Another part of our strategy to invest in the future of our parish is through planned giving. Planned gifts come from resources accumulated over a lifetime that givers no longer require to meet their own financial needs or those of their family.

Some planned gifts are made by transferring assets like stock or real estate to St. John’s—often to fund a specific need. Most are made at death as part of a parishioner’s estate plan, and often satisfy the wishes of a donor who wanted to give more during their lifetime but did not have the ability to do so.

There are many financial benefits of making a gift to St. John’s through your estate. For most people, however, their gift is simply an expression of the love that they have for St. John’s and the desire to see our parish grow and prosper in the future.

Over the years, we have received gifts from bequests, trusts, retirement funds, and life insurance. Restricted or unrestricted, small or large, each gift has a significant positive impact on our parish and our ability to carry out God’s work within our community.

The St. John’s Vestry established the Bishop White Legacy Society to encourage and recognize planned gifts to St. John’s. In June of 2005, we welcomed 100 charter members to the Legacy Society.

To join the Bishop White Legacy society, you need only remove and complete the last page of the Bishop White brochure and return it to the church office.

Our Planned Giving chair, Alvin Blitz, is available to furnish confidential assistance to members in need of advice on how to prepare their will or other planned giving instruments. He can also refer you to professionals who provide such services for a very nominal fee.

Father Adam is always happy to talk with you about the needs of the parish and some of our endowments, so you may decide how you wish your gift to be used. You may contact both Alvin and Father Adam through the church office.